Christian Youth In Action

Every summer over 50 teenagers from all over Alabama come to CYIA training to learn how to go out into their communities and reach children with the Gospel in 5-Day Clubs®. This training program is called Christian Youth In Action (or CYIA™).   

The teenagers and college students who attend training (known as "summer missionaries") learn how to effectively teach these 5-Day Clubs, which meet for five days in a row (M-F) for about an hour per day during the summer. 

Through CYIA training, the summer missionaries become equipped for the rest of the summer to lead children to Christ at 5-Day Clubs in locations all over their area of Alabama.

Through solid, Biblical training they learn practical evangelism, gain experience in leading children to the Lord, are able to give firsthand testimony to God's power, build lifelong friendships, experience personal growth, and not to mention have a really fun training school experience.

If you or someone you know might be interested in serving as a summer missionary, or if you'd like more information about CYIA, please contact CEF of Central Alabama! Also click here  for more summer ministry opportunities around the world with Child Evangelism Fellowship.