Step 1

CEF® offers church partners a strategic plan, materials, training, support and mentoring.  Through a God-centered partnership between the local church and CEF®, children’s lives change and churches grow. The first step to partnering with CEF® and Good News Club® is to pray for God to show you how he desires to move within your church and your community. When you have identified how and where you would like to impact your community, such as through Good News Club® at a nearby school, contact the local CEF® office to find out more about what opportunities CEF® can offer your church. 

Step 2

Churches come to the partnership with the most important ingredient, God’s people. A team from your church will bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the school children. CEF® offers specialized training for this endeavor. Once your church has met with CEF® staff and agreed on a plan of action to reach your community, CEF® can help provide resources and guidance to recruit and train those in your church who are willing and inspired to participate. Your team can attend one of regularly scheduled annual trainings, or discuss with staff how else you can equip yourselves for the ministry. God can use the personalities and skills of all sorts of people, in unison with CEF® resources and training to impact the lives of children and their families. 

Step 3

CEF® takes care of the major logistics of getting a club started:  contacting the school, providing liability insurance and conducting background checks. By the end of the process you are equipped to begin ministering in your school. Once a team of volunteers is assembled, the second part of preparation begins in forming a relationship between the church and the school where you are called to minister. CEF® of Central Alabama serves as liaison to help build this relationship. In addition we provide the necessary documents for liability insurance, as well as vouch for all volunteers who pass the background check to gain access to the school. If your church wishes to partner with an already established Good News Club®, then you will be working alongside other churches ministering in that school.