Good News, Great Impact!

I have been so encouraged to walk past [Good News Club®] students and hear them telling their friend about the [Wordless Book] bracelet they made at their club. I have also had students ask me spiritual questions at school.
— Audrey Gillis, PE teacher at Halcyon Elementary
Aiden, forest avenue.jpg
I have learned about the Holy Spirit, and Daniel and the lions, and how Moses believed in God.
— Aiden, Good News Club® student
charles, forest avenue.JPG
Charles likes songs and is known for some very mature prayers during club time.
— Tom, Good News Club® Leader
Justin, forest avenue.jpg
I like the stories and songs. I learned how Jesus was raised from the dead.
— Justin, Good News Club® student
blount, 2.JPG
I like always being able to learn about God. I have learned to be respectful.
— Dakota, Good News Club® student
destiny, dozier.jpeg
I like to make crafts for my Good News Club teachers and for my mom.
— Destiny, Good News Club® student
blount, 1.JPG
I like that God has mighty power. I have learned to sit still.
— Elijah, Good News Club® Student
pine level, 4.jpg
Jesus healed the official’s son so quick! [John 4]
— student in Coosada Good News Club®
blount, 5.JPG
I like the games. I have learned that God always loves me.
— Isaiah, Good News Club® student
I like coloring pictures and talking about God.
— Jefferiyah, Good News Club® student
Seth, forest avenue.jpg
I like Good News Club because of the stories, songs, and games.
— Seth, Good News Club® student