Good News, Great Impact: Interview

Audrey Gillis is a PE teacher at Halcyon Elementary in Montgomery. Mrs. Gillis had encouraging things to say about the impact Good News Club® has in her school. The Halcyon Good News Club® has been facilitated by Margaret Levy and Taylor Road Baptist Church for ten years.

·         How did you hear about Good News Club® at your school?

“I first heard about Good News Club® because I did carpool and saw lots of cars coming into our parking lot that I did not recognize. When I stopped one of the cars they told me they were at the school for the Good News Club®. I have also been encouraged to see one of my former elementary students [Ellie Russell] working with the Club this year.”

·         How have you seen Good News Club impact your students?

“I have been so encouraged to walk past students and hear them telling their friend about the [Wordless Book] bracelet they made at their club. I have also had students ask me spiritual questions at school. One day a question about sin came up in my classroom. One little girl shouted out a definition of sin.  I was shocked because I knew this child was NOT churched and her definition was spot on!  She followed her statement with, ‘I learned that at the Good News Club.’”

·         How has the presence of the Good News Club® allowed you to share your faith?

“I am not able to bring up spiritual discussions at school, but when students bring up the topic I am able to expand conversation.  I have had students point blank ask me how to become a Christian as a result of the GNC®.  One student actually asked me, "Why did Jesus have to die on the cross anyway?" I am grateful for the opportunity to share the most important thing in my lif, and that is my love for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

-Savannah Barber, Ministry Assistant