Upcoming Banquet, Speaker Richard Summerford

We are excited to be hosting our 2018 Annual Banquet on April 5th, at Trinity Presbyterian Church. For more information please call the office at (334) 213-7388 or contact us through our website.

Richard Summerford

CEF®, Associate Director of Leadership Development, USA Ministries

 Richard’s experience includes working for over ten years in banking and business development, several years as Financial Aid Director and then Stewardship Director at his alma mater, Columbia International University. Richard has spent seventeen years developing board and committee training materials. In the last six years, he has developed training materials for CEF. Richard currently lives in Chapin, SC. He has devoted most of his life to the ministry of CEF®. Richard now travels throughout the USA conducting conferences for Boards and Committees and staff for this ministry. He also oversees the recruitment and placement of new state directors, Military Children’s MinistryTM (MCM), and he is the Interim District Director over the Mid-Atlantic and Smokey Mountain Districts